Right Now Media at Work


A Resource for you and your family...

We are excited about this gift from John and Tracy Houston that can be used all year as a thank you for all that you do for the J. Houston Family of Companies. RightNow Media is a Netflix-style media library of over 5,000 videos covering topics from relationship enrichment to leadership development. It is free to use for any employee and your immediate family members at work and at home.

Please e-mail Bobby Parks: bparks@jhoustonhomes.com to obtain the invite link to gain access for you and your family.

Here are some examples of content you will have access to:

  • Personal Life
  • Work Life
  • Family Life

Content on parenting, personal finance, marriage and faith from Dave Ramsey, Tony Dungy, Les and Leslie Parrott, and more

Leadership development from authors like Patrick Lencioni, John Maxwell, Henry Cloud, John Townsend and more

Content just for teens as well as kid-friendly videos such as VeggieTales, Boz, 3-2-1 Penguins, Adventures in Odyssey and more.

Your use of this resource is completely voluntary. We sincerely hope you and your family enjoy it. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly.


What can I do with RightNow Media@Work?

Browse or search a Netflix-style library of over 5,000 videos. View popular videos on the homepage, search for a specific video or browse libraries for interesting content. You can also share content with other J. Houston employees and your family members.

What devices can I access RightNow Media@Work with?

RightNow Media@Work has an app which is available on iOS (iPhone) and Android as well as Roku devices. RightNow Media@Work also works great in a browser like Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Can my family use this?

Absolutely! Once you are registered, go to “Contacts” or “Send Invites” at the top right of your homepage and simply add their email address.

Can I use this resource at work?

Yes. This is an investment in every employee and their families. With that investment comes trust and a responsibility to use this resource wisely. If you have specific questions about using this resource at work, please check with your supervisor.

Praying that these resources will be a blessing and strength to you and your home.