JH REACH “Giving to the Kingdom” Project Guidelines


Please know that we get many requests and will only be able to give to a few that meet our giving criteria. If we do not select your project it is not because we do not value what you do, we just simply cannot say yes to all requests.

JH Reach seeks to further the mission of the JH Family of Companies, “To Reach People for Christ and Give to the Kingdom.” Applicants are encouraged to submit requests fitting the criteria below: 

Organizations requesting funds must have these focuses:

• Kingdom-Minded – Our partners are involved in Christ’s Kingdom work

• Relational – Our partners take a relational approach in their ministry to others

• Evangelical – Our partners are passionate about sharing the love of Christ and the Word of God

• Discipleship – Our partners seek to lead people into a growing relationship with Christ

• Stewardship – Our partners responsibly manage what they have been given

Also, please include the following information:

• The outcome(s) desired as a result of the project

• Total cost of the project and a timeline of when it will be completed

• Name and address and website of ministry receiving assistance

• Name of ministry to which the check should be payable

• Address to which check should be mailed

• Contact person at the ministry with email address and telephone number

• Name and contact information (including email) of person submitting request to committee

• Info about your leadership and board and your accountability and financial stewardship practices


Please email your proposal with a list of all items requested and/or any questions to info@jhreach.com  Please include the name of the project along with the name of the requester in the subject line of the email in all correspondence.